Monday, August 15, 2005


Apparently in our latest quest for a weathervane for our house, we were informed by a lady in an antique shop in Vermont, that they are a rather pricey item. This was much to our surprise, as neither of us realized that these were items in such high demand.

Anyway, we left her store after finding out from her that we would probably be unsuccesful in locating one nearby.

We ended up going across the street to the general store to get some candy for the kids and surprisingly found one for purchase. Now this was slightly strange, as she had just dashed our hopes of finding one, let alone across the street.

Here is a picture of the one we purchased:

Motorhomes, RVs, Campsites, Oh My!

One of my family's favorite activities is using our motorhome to explore this great nation. We travel to interesting places, eat local foods, but most importantly spend time together.

This last weekend we did a short weekend trip to Vt. We enjoyed good food and good scenery.

Here are a couple of recommended places:

1) Vermont Pub & Brewery

144 College St.
Burlington, Vermont 05401
(802) 865-0500

2) Sweetwaters



(802) 864-9800

Sweetwaters is housed in what was the original site of the Burlington Trust Company. Built in 1925, the building retains its original moldings, cornerstone, clock, and architectural appointments. What were once bank vaults have been converted into walk-in coolers in the lowest level of the restaurant. An original door, gilded with the Burlington Trust Company's name, is still used, and can be found between the ladies' and men's rooms downstairs.On the main floor of the restaurant, you can see the original iron bank security grates above the entrance to the atrium. Security grates have been left on all windows that were originally on the exterior of the building.The atrium, originally an alleyway, was enclosed and glassed over. The wall was covered with a two-story mural, designed and painted by Wendy Copp. The mural is a depiction of life on Church Street in the early 1980's, and includes the faces of many local dignitaries and residents of the Burlington area.

3) Dakin Farms

SMOKED EVERYTHING! Utilizing slow delicate smoke from corn cobs.

You have not visited Vermont till you've visited this place and munched on something from this place!

5797 Route 7
Ferrisburgh, VT 05456

100 Dorset Street
South Burlington, VT 05403

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Thursday, August 11, 2005


FX Network has a new show called " OVER THERE", that deals with a squad participating in Opertation Iraqi Freedom. As a veteran that has come back from the "sandbox", I find some aspects to be very realistic, and some aspects to be totally unrealistic.

The show just aired it's third episode tonight and it would appear that America is now getting to know the personalities of this squad of motley personnel.

If there are any fans of the show that come across this web site, please feel free to leave a a comment or two.

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Thursday, August 04, 2005

Man Pays Speeding Ticket in Pennies

I have plenty of friends that would love to be able to stell a story such as this one.

Man Pays Speeding Ticket in Pennies
Salon - Aug 3, 2005
August 03,2005 | MOORHEAD, Minn. -- A man ticketed for speeding thought he'd get even by paying his fine with 12,000 pennies. But ...
Man Pays Speeding Ticket in Pennies
Washington Post, United States - Aug 3, 2005
MOORHEAD, Minn. -- A man ticketed for speeding thought he'd get even by paying his fine with 12,000 pennies. But the judge had the ...
Man Pays Speeding Ticket in Pennies
Tuscaloosa News (subscription), AL - Aug 3, 2005
A man ticketed for speeding thought he'd get even by paying his fine with 12,000 pennies. But the judge had the final word by making ...
Man pays speeding ticket in pennies
News & Observer, NC - Aug 3, 2005
By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS. MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) - A man ticketed for speeding thought he'd get even by paying his fine with 12,000 pennies. ...
Man Pays Speeding Ticket With 12,000 Pennies, NY - Aug 3, 2005
... WABC, August 3, 2005) — He was so angry over a speeding ticket that he ... in cash and some extra pennies, which were given to the Seattle man, who waited ...
Minnesota Ticket Paid off with 12,000 Pennies, DC - Aug 3, 2005
Wanting revenge for an unjust ticket, a man pays off his $120 Minnesota speeding ticket in pennies. A Seattle motorist who believed ...
Man pays in pennies; judge gets even:-
Webindia123, India - Aug 2, 2005
A man who tried to get even by paying a traffic ticket with $120 in ... 12,000 pennies to Clay County District Court to pay his fine for speeding, the Fargo ...
Angry Speeder Pays Fine In Pennies
WCCO, MN - Aug 2, 2005
(AP) Moorhead, Minn. It took 12,000 of them, but a Seattle man upset about a speeding ticket was going to pay his fine in pennies. ...
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