Sunday, July 19, 2009

A new airline just for pets!

Pet Airways - A Pet Only Airline

Pet Airways is a Pet Only Airline where pets fly in the main cabin, not in cargo.

Pet Airways flies its pet passengers ("pawsengers") in the main cabin of the airplane with a trained pet attendant for the entire duration of the flight. Unlike cargo holds found in commercial airplanes, Pet Airways' cabins are climate-controlled and have the proper level of fresh air circulation that pets require during travel.

"Currently, most pets traveling by air in the U.S. are transported in the cargo hold and are handled as baggage. The experience is not only frightening to the pets, but can cause severe emotional and physical harm, even death," says Dan Wiesel, CEO of Pet Airways. "Pets are like family members and they deserve better. Pet Airways will provide a safe, comfortable travel experience for pets."

A typical Pet Airways flight will have the capacity to hold about 50 pets and will travel with initial routes from New York to Los Angeles, and back with stops in Washington D.C., Chicago, and Denver. Flights will be held in less congested airports in major metropolitan areas to simplify arrivals and departures and with special check-in lounges for their pawsengers. Utilizing Pet Airways' web site, pet parents will also be able to track their pet's flight online.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009