Wednesday, March 23, 2005

I had one of these on my bunk in my tent for a year...It was awesome...

When I got back home I promptly bought one from my King sized bed:

Mattress Topper Pad

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MAJ K said...

The other memory foam item that I must recommend is a memory foam travel pillow made by Tempurpedic…I bought one in a Brookstone’s in the airport in Atlanta on my way back to duty in the Middle East after two weeks of leave in the US. I paid a crazy sum of like eighty dollars for this tiny pillow, but when you are traveling back to a combat zone thoughts of overspending on an item that might allow you to sleep even a little bit better get dismissed very quickly. I bought that tiny pillow back with me to the states and it continues to be used nightly….and since it is travel size, it now goes everywhere with me. Highly, highly recommended!