Thursday, September 01, 2005

What links point to the TastyMistake Blog.

This is a strange post . This post deals with what links actually point back to this weblog.

The first link that I wanted to discuss is one at Dogpile.

Here is the link: DOGPILE Link

From the "About Us" page at DogPile:

About Dogpile

What makes Dogpile special?

Dogpile was built to give users the best search results available on the Web. This is accomplished by searching all the most popular engines and retrieving the best combined results. The inspiration for Dogpile came when its founders noticed that different search engines often return different results for the very same term. The more engines they searched the more results they found. Following this discovery, the founders set out to create a way to bring the Web's best search engines together in one place to deliver more comprehensive and relevant results. To capture this idea, the founders borrowed a sports term used to describe players piling on top of one another in the celebration and the Dogpile search engine was born!
Dogpile is simply the easiest way to find the best results from the leading search engines.

I plan to really exercise this post by exploring the net and seeing how the search engines have currently indexed this site. Indexing is porbably one of the most intersting and important facets of the web today. It is what has made GOOGLE a powerhouse company on the interent and in the world.

I just checked Alexa and this is what shows up when you run a search on their site:

Alexa Link

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