Saturday, January 14, 2006

Today was a special day.

Friday the 13th and it feels very lucky indeed. I got to spend the afternoon taking my son to a series of events. The first one was his Karate class. My son is currently a blue belt, at eight years old, he was one of the youngest in this particular class, however since he enjoys karate and actually practices on his own, he was the most senior student being a blue belt and also have his yellow, green, and blue forms. He was to test for his red form. I normally do not stay for his testing since I don't want to make him nervous by my presence, but seeing this little tiger at the head of the class displaying what I can only describe as "humble expertise" got me captivated and I ended up staying.

The magic moment of the evening came when I looked at him and gave him a reassuring smile, he without missing a beat, looked back at me and returned an even more reassuring wink. Boy, was I happy to be there.

A few hours later, I am now at his school being subjected to booming sounds and beats, waiting in the hallway while he attends a school dance. We at first entered the gymnasium together where the dance was held. I then thought that perhaps he may want a bit of space , so I retreated to where I'm currently positioned in the hallway. The music hasn't gotten any quieter, but, I am simply happy to be here.

The next stop will be Cub scouts, tonight is pinewood derby night We spent a few moments earlier tonight decorating it with murals and stickers. I cut it on a miter saw and painted it with some left over paint that I had in the house. It actually came out pretty good. I missed his last two races, as I am an Army officer who found myself soldiering for a year in the Mideast last year. Simple events of a night with my son. I'm just happy to be here.

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