Saturday, February 17, 2007

Tea Time

Tea Selection

I'm coffeed out...I have drank my fair share of coffee over the years, and I'm (for a while at least) done with coffee. The fact that Starbucks can sell a cup o'joe for close to five bucks doesn't make it sit any better with me. I've decided to give tea a whirl and explore flavors, choices, styles, etc.

Right now I'm partial to the black teas. I really want to understand the differences and nuances of black teas first before experimenting with the world of herbal teas.

So today as I stared at the tea section at my local supermarket, I walked away with a box of Bigelow's Constant Comment and Twinings Peach flavored black tea.

As I sit typing this article I am enjoying a hot mug of the peach tea.

My reviews and comments shall soon be added to this article.


Black Sampler

Black Sampler

Discover the world of difference between supermarket tea and the gourmet varieties found in this set. Sample black teas from China, India and Sri Lanka. Six tins in total, one ounce apiece.

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