Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Pandora Internet Radio

Well, it's official. I'm a fan of Pandora Internet Radio. I had downloaded the app for my Iphone a while ago, but today was the first day that I signed up for a free account for my PC and I'm wondering what took me so long.

While I'm not exactly sure on all the details on how it works, I believe the gist of it is that it takes your music requests and then offers you similar music suggestions based on your choices. At first thought, you might think it is basically comparing your choice with others that have similar tastes in music, however it's a bit more complex then that. Utilizing about 10 years of data compiled in "The Music Genome Project", Pandora analyzes your choice in music mathematically (tone, tempo beat, music, lyrics, etc...)and then based on that figures out what you might like.

Pretty interesting...Right now, because I chose a bit of UB40, it chose, Bob Marley, Inner Circle, and music of the same sort to follow. When I listened to a bit of Bruce, it was followed by Billy Joel, John Cougar, and then Tom Petty.

I dig Pandora, I'm in!

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