Thursday, April 12, 2007

Terk HDMI-31 Smart HDMI Switch (3 X 1)

So you want to connect multiple HDMI components to a single HDTV....What now?

So you have multiple HDMI sources but only a single input on your HDTV. What are you going to do now gadget guy?

Or you have an older (ancient) A/V receiver that lacks HDMI connections.... Or you have an HDMI receiver, but you just need more HDMI inputs. For each one of these problems, an HDMI switcher is a reasonable solution. A switcher (or just "switch") lets you toggle among as many as four HDMI inputs with the simplicity of the touch of a button.

It is my humble opinion as a gadget guy that the Terk HDMI-31 Smart HDMI Switch (3 X 1) fits the bill for this dilema.

It automatically switches when you turn a product on, it's compatible with all High Definition resolutions, and it's compatible format support is DVI and HDCP.

Order this and watch the Soprano's in High Def and Fugghedbout it...
Terk HDMI-31 Smart HDMI Switch (3 X 1)

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