Monday, January 25, 2010

My stats from last week & Fwd: iFitness Log

Good Afternoon !!!!

Hope all of you are having a great Monday on this very rainy Monday.

Here is my weekly nutrition log emailed to me from

Pretty interesting week, as I monitored and measured everything I ate this week and learned a lot about portions, calorie counts, and what I thought I could eat. What I found is, that when it comes to eating, perception is not reality. I might perceive to be eating small portions, but if you actually go out and measure it before you put it on your plate, it's a whole different ball game. It also make made me understand another couple of things, you not only have to eat healthy, but you have to eat in proportion of your daily allowable caloric intake if you want to loose weight...

So, quality of calories is important (eating healthier), but portion size is just as important.

So below is my stats from last week, notice how a couple of beers and some nachos (thanks Pierre) throw everything off on Monday ...(Hey you gotta live a little right?)


Weekly Summary for Week of Mon, Jan 18th

Daily Summary

Budget Food Exercise Net +/-
1/18/10 1,463 1,448 223 1,225 -237
1/19/10 1,463 928 208 720 -742
1/20/10 1,449 832 416 416 -1,033
1/21/10 1,449 811 362 449 -1,000
1/22/10 1,449 903 332 571 -878
1/23/10 1,449 1,234 362 872 -577
1/24/10 1,440 1,371 551 820 -620

5,087 calories under budget for the week

Lost 2.4 pounds this week
Nutrient Summary % Calories
Fat 287g 32.2%
   Saturated Fat 61g
Protein 459g 22.9%
Carbohydrates 901g 44.9%
   Sugars 287g
   Fiber 131g
Cholesterol 689mg
Sodium 9,246mg
Exercise Summary Calories
Running 2 Hours 50 Min 1902
Treadmill 1 Hour 4 Min 551
Total 2453
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