Friday, January 29, 2010

A whole bowl of noodles for 40 Calories?

I just had a bowl of noodles with a bit of low sodium soy and a few drops of Texas Pete and the caloric damage was only 40 calories...How can that be?

Well I used Tofu Shirataki, a kind of soy or tofu noodle, and you know what? It wasn't half bad!

I picked this up at my local supermarket and the price was $1.99 for an 8oz. package. Not on the inexpensive side, but good healthy food is not necessarily cheap either.

Not sure I would eat it every day, but if you ever have the cravings to sit down with a nice hot bowl of noodles, this could do the trick.

Ok footnote here: Apparently this product is picking up speed in the market although
I only hear of it just yesterday:

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