Monday, February 08, 2010

Lose It! Daily Summary for Sun, Feb 7th

Superbowl Sunday, what can I say?


Daily Summary for Sun, Feb 7th

Calorie Summary
Daily calorie budget 1,407
Food calories consumed 1,725
Exercise calories burned 437
Net calories for the day 1,288
+/- for the day 119 under budget

Daily Log Calories
Breakfast 217
Coffee, brewed w/tap water 8 Fluid ounces 2
Shira 1 Serving 215
Dinner 1044
Pork, ribs, backribs, rstd 2 Ounces 210
Beef, short ribs, lean, brsd, choice 4 Ounces 335
Rice, white, med grain, ckd 0.5 Cup 121
Shrimp, mixed species, stmd, lrg 6 Each 33
Nachos, w/cheese, fast food 7 Pieces 346
  Nutrient data missing for: Fiber, Sugars
Snacks 465
Besan Ladoo 1 Serving 200
Wonder Light Wheat Bread Corrected 1 Slice 40
Kraft American Fat Free Singles 1 Slice 25
  Nutrient data missing for: Fiber
Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa 1 Cup 25
  Nutrient data missing for: Chol., Sat. Fat., Fat
Nuts, pistachio, dry rstd, salted 0.25 Cup 175
Exercises 437
Treadmill @ 3mph on Incline 10 40 Min 437
Nutrient Summary % Calories
Fat 78g 40.8%
   Saturated Fat 26g
Protein 93g 21.6%
Carbohydrates 162g 37.5%
   Sugars 41g
   Fiber 12g
Cholesterol 269mg
Sodium 1,694mg
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